My name is Victor. Nice to meet you. My wife and I are full time RVers and we travel the USA in a 40′ motorhome. We have two Devon Rex cats, Jake and Elwood.

As I somewhat humorously refer to it, in my checkered and misspent youth I had a variety of experiences. At one time or another I was, in some cases still am, the following;

20 years active duty in the Army (retired 1995)

Skydiving instructor (1200+ jumps), Tandem Master, Demo Team Leader and ASO

SCUBA instructor with 9 specialty certifications

Novell CNI, Technical Instructor and Consultant

Bar owner, fishing guide (saltwater and fresh), boat dealership manager and survivor of the the Trout Bum BBQ.

Licensed pilot  (SEL) and FAA certified Air Traffic Controller (Tower and Radar)

USCG Captain and a pretty handy guy to have on a picnic.

Founder of the The Bamboo Bend Project.


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