Labor Day update

Been a busy summer.

We arrived in Ely, MN about the middle of June. The BWCA is a beautiful place. Left on the 1st of 3 trips near the end of June. Camping, canoeing, fishing and just being ‘out there’ for about 30 of the next 45 days.

Daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandkids visited for 2 weeks from Germany. Kind of a semi-last minute event. Some times life’s surprises are wonderful. Great visit and much joy.

Attended the Marquette Blues Festival over Labor Day weekend. The 8 hour drive each way was worth it. Great event, great folks and some GREAT music.

We are in Ely for another 2 weeks and then on to the White River in Arkansas for 6 weeks of fly fishing, fall colors and friends visiting. Going to be a good time.

Guitar practice/playing continues. It’s about like Moses in the desert. Lots of ground covered but not really getting anywhere. Nothing to do but enjoy the journey and I am enjoying it. Got a carbon fiber guitar arriving Friday.

Pat Lindner passed away yesterday. Skydived with him more than a little back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and Huey helicopters ruled. Always a good guy. Wouldn’t be surprised if he is showing folks in heaven how to qualify for a "Schwanger" number.

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