DirectTV sucks, DISH rocks.

Just completed a multi-week process to convert the satellite antenna on the RV from DirecTV to DISH at a cost of a little over $800. Worth every penny.

Installation and conversion went smoothly and we had no problems. When it came time to change the zip code of where we were getting service we called DISH. One phone call and speaking with one person is all it took. Call lasted 3 or 4 minutes at most. One phone call, one person.

Contrast with the DirecTV experience of speaking with 61 people, yes 61, I counted, who could not accomplish that simple task. 61 people. The majority of them assured me that the problem was fixed. It never was.

If per chance you are in a conversation with someone and the topic of DirecTV or DISH comes up, feel free to share this info. Feel free to give them my contact info. I would love to help spread the word about utterly bad the DirecTV customer service actually is.

If you are considering getting and RV and think, "I’ll just add an extra receiver to the DirecTV account I have at my house" I urge not to. Have doubts about what a screw up that would be? Call DirecTV and ask them. They can’t do it.

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