DirecTV cancellation

The acquisition of DirectTV by ATT&T resulted in the introduction of a new computer system (OPUS?) to manage accounts. This has resulted in a 2 week ordeal of exceptional aggravation and nonsense. I am being billed for services they can not provide and are unable to do so. Prior to the switch over, my satellite system worked without a hitch. There is no technical issue on my end. It is a software issue on their end and is unsolvable. It is not even the software that actually sends the signal. It is the account management software. As a result I am cancelling my DirectTV account. I am posting a copy of the email I sent today for a couple of reasons. I want to make sure I have a verifiable record of what happened that will stand up against any doubt. I also want to alert anyone with an RV against selecting DirectTV and/or ATT&T as your service provider.

I spoke with 60 customer service representatives. Yes, 60. Over a 2 week period it dissolved into absurdity.

The below is the email I sent. Today is May, 4th, 2018.

At approximately 10:45 AM (CDT) I spoke with Jeff in the loyalty department. Jeff’s ID # is ( redacted for privacy ) . He assured me that my DirectTV and/or ATT account had been cancelled. He provided a work order # of (redacted for privacy). My RC1 account # is (redacted for privacy).

So why am I writing you?

Jeff was the 60th Customer Rep I spoke with. Yes, 60.

Based on the previous 59 encounters I have no reason to believe that my account will be cancelled and I will stop being billed for services I am not receiving.

I am sending this email as a written verification that I can reference later. I will send this email to any other ATT email address I can locate.

I sincerely hope the account is closed and the billing has stopped.

Do with this info as you wish. I posted it mainly for my own benefit in case I need it later. I really hope I won’t.

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