Last day of April

Departing New Orleans this morning turned out to be way easier than expected. We got the Expressway and didn’t deal with a stop light for another 185 miles. Traffic flowed much smoother than expected. A very pleasant surprise on a sunny Monday morning.

Arrival in Canton, MS was routine. The park is quite near the interstate and easy to find. Sites need some work on the leveling.

Doesn’t sound like much of report does it? Well it was a good day even if the ‘public’ report is rather bland. The ‘private’ report is good though. Nothing earth shattering, just a wonderful day talking about nothing and everything. Touching lightly on whatever came up and diving deeply into whatever caught our fancy. Just the type of day is that is, for me, the main attraction to RV-ing full time. The days of just enjoying ourselves, thoroughly enjoying each other’s company, seeing new scenery and looking forward to the next few weeks of sightseeing, fishing and wandering.

Not a bad deal at all.

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